Rolled and Whole Oats

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What better way to start a cool fall or winter morning than with a bowl of fresh rolled oats?  While we have grown oats many years, it was the find of a steel grain rolling machine at an auction that put the production into place.  Our rolled oats are medium thickness and  take 10-12 minutes to cook on the stovetop.  Like all our products, they will be rolled fresh for your order and should be stored in the refrigerator.

Our rolled oats are raw oats.  Post-harvest processing includes de-hulling, or taking the outer husk off of the oat kernel, and then rolling.  Commercial rolled oats are steamed before rolling, increasing their shelf life.  Because oats are a high-fat grain, both whole and rolled oats should be stored in the freezer for 2-3 month storage or the refrigerator for 1 month or less.  Rolled oats chopped finely in a food processor produce an oat flour that is excellent as an addition to recipes because it is rich in dietary fiber, and very high in protein and lysine.  Oat protein, however, is water soluble so does not provide the ‘rise’ or structure of a wheat protein.

Customers also use our oats to make their own granola or granola bars (see recipe tab).  Start the day with granola and yoghurt, or pack a granola bar in school or office lunch bags.

Use whole oats to cook as a side dish to a meal or to add as a grain to stews, soups or crock pot meals.  Some customers use their own food processors to chop the grain before cooking it as a cereal or adding it to baked goods for a wholesome, crunch.