Corn Meal  

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Corn, or maize, was first cultivated in Central America where it became an integral part of the food, culture and religion of the Amerindians. Today, corn products are found in a high percentage of our processed food products and the commercial corn plant is hybridized and genetically modified, a plant far different than the original grass.
While cornmeal bought in a typical grocery store is de-germed to increase its shelf life, our cornmeal contains all of the germ and its associated oils and nutrients. Because of this, our cornmeal has a shelf life of only 2 weeks unless it is refrigerated or frozen.

Use Gianforte Farm cornmeal to make polenta, bake cornbread, or as a supplemental ingredient in other breads, pancakes or waffles. Grits is a traditional dish in the southern United States that can be made from our cornmeal. Spoon Bread, a staple in the southeastern United States is also good. Finally, use the cornmeal to dust baking pans to create an artisan look and taste.