The Gianforte Farm Story

Gianforte Farm tills 600 acres of Honeoye soils in the rolling hilltops north of Cazenovia, New York. Success in organic farming represents a delicate dance between crop selection, tillage practices, weather and timing to produce a good crop yield and reduce weeds and pests. Any given year we grow up to 10 different organic grains and row crops as well as underseed fields with legumes to bolster fertility. Soil health is carefully monitored and enhanced through crop selection and periodic use of soil amendments such as gypsum and compost. Gianforte Farm produces up to 13 different organic food-grade grains and beans in its planned crop rotation.

We sell wholesale to mills and organic dairies and sell direct to customers from South Carolina to Maine.  We also have our own small mill and sell whole grains, beans and milled products to local stores, coops, restaurants and individual customers.

What is Whole Grain?

Small grains grown at our farm in different years include hard wheat, soft wheat, rye, barley, buckwheat, oats and triticale. When growing, all of these grains are encased in a hull.  At harvest, the combine removes the hull from the wheats, rye and triticale. The hulls of barley, spelt, buckwheat and oats must  be removed in a separate process before being considered food grade.

All types of grain include 3 food components.

1. The largest component by volume is the endosperm of the grain. This inner part of the grain has the least nutrition. Commercial white flour is made from only the endosperm.

2. The germ is the area at one end of the grain from which the plant grows. With its high concentration of polyunsaturated oil and protein, the germ is often sold separately as a food supplement. Because of the high oil content, products with germ in them should be refrigerated.

3. The bran is the protective outer layer that surrounds the endosperm. It has less protein than the germ, but has a very high insoluble fiber content that provides bulk and helps digestion. Oat bran has soluble fiber which has been shown to lower blood cholesterol and absorb toxins.

Gianforte Farm whole grain flour includes the ground endosperm, bran and germ, making it denser than commercial flours.  Experienced whole grain bakers measure flour by weight rather than by volume and use the consistency of the dough to guide their measurements.


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